William Mahoney for Tall & Fit men

Here’s another one for the guys! Don’t worry ladies, I’ve got some stuff coming for us too 🙂 

So I came across another store for tall, fit men on Twitter by the name of William Mahoney. (Hi guys!)

From what I can see, it looks like it’s primarily dress shirts. I don’t know if they will expand to other options but this is all I can find right now. 

Which is not a bad thing, I know that it’s difficult for guys to find dress shirts that fit their shoulders, neck, and arms… all at the same time. Most stores are for Big&Tall men so I understand the frustrations when stuff just doesn’t fit right. 

Here’s quote directly from the William Mahoney site:

The William Mahoney (WM) clothing brand is created for Tall & Fit men, not the Big & Tall. The focus at WM is to showcase the uniquely spectacular frame of the Tall & Fit man.

So first, let’s peek at the size chart first… 

Then take a look at some of the designs… 

White/Blue Box
Dress to Impress
Blue Stripe
Hang out with style
Softer, Brighter, Whiter

It doesn’t say how long they’ve been in business but I’m guessing it’s a fairly new store. 

Prices are $59.99 and $79.99. Which is not bad right? They are completely sold out in one style and it looks like they only have size small available in a couple other designs.  If you are thinking about giving them a try, I suggest you hurry. 

The 3 Beauty YouTubers I can’t live without

God Bless YouTube y’all. Ever since I started to seriously start wearing makeup the first place I went was to YouTube to get instructions on how to properly apply it. I can’t be out in the streets looking like who done it.

I found 3 YouTubers that I binge watched like it was Netflix. Each one is as different as night and day, but I will not miss any of their videos.

Jackie Aina is the bomb. I love how personable and positive she is. It’s like she is in the room and just talking to me. She is the reason why I initially started wearing makeup last year. She is makeup goals.

There’s something about Tati’s voice that is so calming. She doesn’t overact, she isn’t wild, but there are very rare moments when she loosens up and accidentally drops the f-bomb or will bust a move in the background. She’s very cautious about what she says and how she says it. She tries the impossible task of pleasing everyone. Something about her channel just appeals to me.

Socialite Sande is probably my most favorite of them all. She is definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but she is my bff in my mind. She is probably the exact opposite of Tati. She’s loud, outspoken, and does not care about offending anyone. And she cusses like a sailor. I love her!

Over the Knee boots for tall girls

Is it possible to find over the knee boots when you’re a tall girl?
I’m asking because last year I was all about finding some boots that actually went up to my knees. I got one pair from Alloy and another pair from Payless that I would wear every day if I could. Now I’m looking for the impossible… Over the knee boots.

The ones I picked here have a longer shaft than all the others I found so maybe it’ll work? All boots pictured below have at least 23″ shaft. I don’t know, if all else fails we can get thigh high boots and call them over the knee boots.

Stuart Weitzman



Joie Jemina B Faux Suede Over the Knee Boot


Charles by Charles David Gunter



Calvin Klein



Stuart Weitzman “Highland” Over the Knee Boot

La Bronze Diamond Glow Powder

Ms. La Bronze herself, Jackie Aina has teamed up with Artist Couture and created her own highlighter!
Personally I’ve never attempted highlight before but I feel like I still need this lol.

I know there are tons of her fans that have been questioning why she wasn’t one of the many, many popular YouTubers to partner with a major makeup company. In one of her videos she admitted that she had plenty of offers, but she didn’t accept everything that comes her way. Which I can understand because when you work with the bigger companies, it really becomes about nothing but the $$$. The quality of the product can possibly questionable, but as long as people buy it, they don’t care.

Anyone else think of that Jacklyn Hill eyeshadow fiasco with Becca? Don’t get me wrong… I love the Becca primer but that whole situation was a disaster.

Wait. This is her 2nd collaboration this year. There was one company she partnered with. Remember a couple months ago she partnered with Elf Cosmetics with her J Glow eyeshadow pallet? That sold out the same day? That I couldn’t order because their website kept crashing? Yeah that one.

I love that fact that at that time she chose to go with a cheaper (but still good quality) makeup brand. It doesn’t come across as just doing it for the money. Jackie can go from ELF to Artist Couture and I ain’t mad at her.

That’s why I want to support her. I have no idea what to do with a La Bronze Diamond highlighter but I would  still buy it.

So what about you? Are you gonna get it? It will be available starting December 2nd, 12pm PST on the Artist Couture site and available worldwide. It will be part of a holiday set with 5 highlighters (La Bronze, Illuminati, Sugar Daddy, Conceited, and Double Take) and I think she said it will be $49? Don’t quote me on that.

I wish I could give you more info about it but as I said, I’ve never worn highlighter. I have no idea what to say about it. So here’s her YouTube video talking about the La Bronze Diamond Powder highlighter:

Update 12/3/16: Apparently the La Bronze highlighter sold out in less than 2 hours. We are waiting to see if it will be restocked.

FOR the FIT. For the not so average sized man.

Here’s another one for you guys out there! Came across the website forthefit.com It looks like it’s for men that are not of “average” size. They have a short men section as well as a tall men section. Of course we’re only covering the tall men side so let’s see what they have to offer.


The Men’s Tall inseams are available in 36″, 38″, and 40″. Waists sizes range from 28″ to 44″.

Buy one get one free at Long Tall Sally

Today only! Monday, November 28 for cyber Monday can buy one pair of full price jeans or trousers and get a second pair FREE at Long Tall Sally!

This is only for full price jeans and trousers only. It excludes branded jeans, multi buy leggings and sale!

Click image to be taken to the sale:

Long Tall Sally US

I’ve never seen a sale like this at LTS so this is pretty exciting!

P.S. I’m posting this from my phone because I just found out so please excuse if anything looks off!


Happy shopping!

Little Black Dresses

You can’t go wrong with these little black dresses! Dresses that won’t be too little for the tall ladies.

Paneled Sheath Dress • LOFT • $44.88–84.99
WORTHINGTON Worthington Sleeveless Asymmetrical-Hem Grommet Dress – Tall • $47.99
WORTHINGTON Worthington Sleeveless Sheath Dress-Talls • $47.99
Jump Apparel Sleeveless Embellished A-Line Dress-Talls • $53.99
WORTHINGTON Worthington Short Sleeve Bodycon Dress-Talls • $47.99
LIZ CLAIBORNE Liz Claiborne Sleeveless Sheath Dress-Talls • Liz Claiborne • $41.99
WORTHINGTON Worthington Sleeveless Foil-Panel Sheath Dress – Tall • $39.99
LIZ CLAIBORNE Liz Claiborne Short Sleeve Sheath Dress-Talls • Liz Claiborne • $41.99
R & M Richards Short Sleeve Blouson Dress-Talls • R & M Richards • $59.99
LIZ CLAIBORNE Liz Claiborne Sleeveless Dress – Tall • Liz Claiborne • $26.99

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Gifts for him $25 under

Can’t leave the guys out. Here’s 8 gifts to give to him.

Everest 16-inch Carry-on Briefcase • $17.98
Brouk & Co Fix-It Kit • $24.97
Brouk & Co No Frills 8 oz. Flask • $15.97
Neiman Marcus Corkscrew & Case, Harness • Neiman Marcus • $17.50
Mentha Lip Balm Stick, 4.5g • $7.50
Exfoliating Facial Scrub, 120ml • $19
Clinique for Men Face Bronzer • Clinique • $19.50
Dockers Traveler Bi-Fold Wallet • Dockers • $24

Gifts for her $25 and under

I know. I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but some of us need a head start to the Christmas shopping.

Gift Boutique Golden Key Bottle Opener / Corkscrew • $25
BP. Metal Tipped Wrap Choker • BP • $15
L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil • L’Occitane • $25
Philosophy Christmas Cookie Shower Gel – 16 oz. • philosophy • $18
Nashelle Paw Mini Stamp Charm • Nashelle • $22
Kate Spade New York Mini Small Square Stud Earrings • Kate Spade • $24
Hinge Knit Scarf • Hinge • $23.40
Stephan & Co. Initial Bar Necklace • Stephan & Co • $12

8 Plaid Tops for Tall Women

Who has to have something plaid for fall? Here’s 8 plaid tops for you to choose from.

Green Plaid & Brown Elbow Patch Tunic
Pre-order Tall shrunken boy shirt in coral blue plaid • J.Crew
Umgee USA Frayed Plaid Tunic • Umgee USA
Soft plaid boyfriend shirt • Gap
classic Women’s Tall Long Sleeve Flannel Tunic Top-Rich Sapphire Plaid • Classic
Soft plaid tunic • Gap
Classic Plaid Soft Shirt for Women • Old Navy
Tall boyfriend flannel shirt in dark plaid • J.Crew

Daya by Zendaya

And another one -_-

Found out the Zendaya has developed a clothing line name Daya by Zendaya. Being that she is 5’10” herself, you know I was hoping to see some long inseams in there, right? Well…

I cannot find any mention of inseams anywhere on her site. But here are some of the things available:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I figured maybe we can get some nice shoes from this site:

Daya by Zendaya Keene Women’s Ankle Boots
Daya by Zendaya Kassel Over-The-Knee Boots
Daya by Zendaya Albert Women’s High Heels
Daya by Zendaya ‘Kamo’ Bootie (Women)

They only go up to size 10 so I don’t think I will able able to shop from Zendaya. Sigh. I getting to the point where I’m not surprised anymore. I’ll just keep looking.

But if any of you decide to give it a shot, send me pics to share and let me know if you like them.