Fenty Beauty


It’s been about a week since Rihanna released her much anticipated Fenty Beauty makeup line. If you haven’t heard about this, you must literally live under a rock. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, everything has been nothing but posts about this line.


The most popular product by far has to be the foundation. It comes in an amazing 40 shades. This is not the first line to have around 40 shades. I think Ester Lauder is the only other one I can think of. But this line seems to be geared around women of color.

I kept seeing that the darker colors are sold out, but according to the screenshot there are still some of the darkest shades left on the Fenty Beauty website.

Another one of the most popular items is the Trophy Wife highlighter.


I don’t know about this highlighter, y’all. It’s definitely pretty, but this isn’t something that most people can wear. Definitely for the bold.

The matchsticks are the items that I was kind of confused about.

Are they concealers? Stick foundations? Apparently they can be used to conceal, contour, and correct. They have a magnetic case that i think is cool. Especially when you travel a lot.

The whole collection only has one lip gloss. There’s been a lot of disappointment that there aren’t more lip products. People were expecting a bold red. Something bold and bright. Rihanna is not known for just wearing just neutral colors and lip gloss.

I think more will come. I can see how you wouldn’t release everything in your first line. You gotta leave people wanting more. People will talk and you learn exactly what they want for your next release.

Did you get anything? What are your thoughts on this years most hyped up release? I really want to get the foundation but my face gets so oily that I don’t think it’ll last on me.

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