I’m baaaaaack!

Hey there! Guess what?

You know how you get rid of something, but then you realize that you shouldn’t have? It stays on your mind all the time and you regret that moment you did it. Kind of like cleaning out your purse but then 3 days later you realize you threw out an important receipt?

Well… welcome to Love my Long Legs, part deux. The remix.

I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks rewriting some of the old posts I had here before. I have to pretty much redo everything so it might look a little janky for a little while. Nothing like the very first time I started this back in 2012 because, whew, this blog was the equivalent of an ugly Christmas sweater. I would never subject your eyes to that again.

So about this zombie blog that’s returned from the dead. Of course I will continue to write about fashion for tall women and men. I’m going to incorporate some makeup in the blog because I’m obsessed with buying all the latest must have products, even if I don’t know how to apply them. Nothing drastically different than before. Just hopefully better.

There will be more personal photos! Just not of me. I’m still extremely camera shy, so I’ve asked my kids to model for me. They love hamming it up for the camera. Must get it from their daddy…

Welcome back to Love my Long Legs! Hopefully it will be better and even more informative this time around.

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