Too Tall For Heels?


Ever have people tell you that you’re too tall for heels? Here’s one way to answer that very annoying question. Go ahead and stand tall in your heels.

Too tall for heels

  • You can tell them that when they stop wearing flats, you will stop wearing heels. They may stop to actually think of the ignorance they spouted when it comes right back at them.
  • If it’s a guy telling you that, it’s probably because he feels like he’s out of your league. He’s intimidated. Please don’t worry about that! You don’t need that stress in your life.
  • Simply ask who are you too tall for? People are so self centered. They want you to accommodate their ideals of what you should wear.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with confrontation, just ignore them. They may just be trying to upset you. Because they’re stupid.

Wear your heels with pride! Don’t hunch over. It’s defeats the purpose of wearing them. Once you get used to them.. and you will… you won’t even notice the stares anymore. It’s a powerful feeling. Walk your walk with purpose and dare anyone to say something. Most of the time no one will say anything. There’s just that special bunch that will.

What is something you say when someone tells you that you’re too tall for heels?

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